​3 Things You Must Know Before Dressing Your Dogs

20th Nov 2020

​3 Things You Must Know Before Dressing Your Dogs

It is very cold in winter. The owner will put clothes on the dogs to prevent them from catching a cold. It is best to use natural fabrics made of pure cotton and pure wool as the dog’s clothes to minimize skin allergies and itching. , And also reduce the damage of static electricity to the dog's fur. However, the following three points should be paid attention to when dressing the dog.

   1. Don't wear it for a long time: wear it when you go out, take it off when you come back;

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2. Pay attention to the fabric: Choose natural fabrics such as pure cotton and pure wool (you should be happy to make silk), which can minimize the skin allergies and itching of the dog, and also reduce static electricity on the dog. Fur damage;

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  3. Choose clothes that fit well: I don’t need to go into details, don’t pinch the loose style of the dog.

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If society is a colorful and individual society, it is a common phenomenon that pet dogs wear clothes. Cats and dogs, the most common pets in people’s lives, have become the main force in wearing clothes, but the owner must stand The most important thing is to think about it from the perspective of the dog so that the dog can wear it comfortably and warmly.