How to choose the size of clothes for dogs

19th Mar 2021

How to choose the size of clothes for dogs

 Actually, dogs do not have to wear clothes, especially some curly dogs, such as schnauzers, VIPs, etc. After wearing clothes, their fur tends to get knotted. In fact, wearing clothes is only for artificial beauty and to increase the interaction between the owner and the dog.

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It also increases the interest of people who treat the dog as a child. After all, it does not matter whether you wear clothes or not, but if you wear it, you must choose the right clothes. Wear them. It’s appropriate here. First is the size of the clothes, and then the style (in fact, the style is also for different dog breeds~~This will be explained later, hehe), texture, etc., so that the clothes will not be affected Their mobility.

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   In fact, dogs are not born to wear clothes. Many dogs are very resistant when they wear clothes for the first time, and even unwilling to walk around. I have had experience with this once. When my little white pig was lucky for 2 months, I was afraid that she would be cold in winter, so I bought her a woolen coat to wear. As a result, the little guy stayed still like a stone statue after putting on the clothes for the first time. 

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Standing stiffly for several minutes, the kid remembered to take a step, but he fell straight to the ground as soon as he took the first step. With this shocking experience, she no longer wants to wear clothes. So later I thought of a way, every time I take her out to play, let her put on clothes before going out. After a long time, she will know that once she wears clothes, she can go out to play, and she will no longer wear clothes. Resist, this is the legendary "conditioned reflex training method"!