Pet grooming: how to choose a comb for your pet

24th Jan 2021

Pet grooming: how to choose a comb for your pet

 Many people now know that they need to prepare two combs for our babies at home: a needle comb and a straight comb, but do you know how to choose them? If you choose the wrong one, it may be counterproductive!

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   First of all, I recommend using a stainless steel comb. Because pets have their own fungi, and the stainless steel comb itself does not contain bacteria, naturally it will not spread bacteria! And this material comb is not easy to generate static electricity, so it can avoid the danger of hair flying and knotting again.

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  Secondly, pay attention to the hardness of the needle when choosing the needle comb. There are many types of needle combs on the market. According to the hardness of the needles, they can be roughly divided into three types: hard needle combs, medium hardness needle combs and soft needle combs. Their functions are different, so they cannot be used indiscriminately. Hardness needle combs are mainly used to open k

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nots, and are sometimes used to groom large dogs or dogs with very hard coats. The weakness of this comb is that it is easy to pull the hair off; the needle comb with softer needles can be used for dogs or cats with softer hair, and can also be used for smaller single-layered dogs, such as Yorkshire, Maltese, etc. A kind of comb can sometimes filter out the knots, making the hair incomplete. The medium-hardness needle comb is widely used. It is suitable for all dog breeds, which means that all dogs and cats can be used. Because it is moderately hard and soft, it can be used for both grooming and daily care, so no matter what breed of dog or cat you raise, you can choose this comb!