The Necessary Dog Supplies You Must Have Before Rising A Dog

21st Nov 2020

The Necessary Dog Supplies You Must Have Before Rising A Dog

1, traction rope

Lead Leash Walking Control Collar Durable Braided Rope Strap

   This is a very important tool for raising dogs. Many tragedies of raising dogs are caused by the owners not wearing good leashes for the dogs. And whether it is walking or training tow rope is a good tool.

  2, comb

Yokie Gilling Brush Dog Rake Comb Pet Beauty Tool 1PC Needle Comb for Dog Cat

   Regularly grooming the dog's coat is also a very important job, and for long-haired dogs, it is necessary to groom them every day. It can not only remove the miscellaneous hair, but also clean up the garbage in the coat, and prevent the coat from knotting, and it can also enhance the relationship between the owner and the dog.

  3, dog cage or kennel

Kennel Removable And Washable Summer Pet Nest Teddy

   No matter what, I always have to prepare a resting place for the dog. If the owner is busy at work and is not at home for a long time, then it is recommended to buy a dog cage to let the dog get used to living in the dog cage, and then release it at night. If the well-trained dog does not bite and defecate, then buy a kennel.

   4. Absorbent towel

Supplies Towel Dog Bath Towels Blanket Carpet Quick Dry Towel Bathrobes For Puppy Cat Green

  Whether you bathe yourself or send your dog to the pet shop to bathe, it is recommended that you prepare an absorbent towel. After all, pet shops accept more dogs, and it is inevitable that you will encounter some dogs with skin diseases. Prepare your own towel to prevent cross infection. In addition, if you take a bath yourself, pet shower gel, ear removal tools and shaving tools should also be prepared.

   5. Toys

Puppy Chew Squeaker Funny Dog Toys Pet Squeaky Sound Plush

   Teeth toys are definitely to be prepared. They can provide good help when changing teeth, and can also reduce dog bites. You can also prepare some toys they like to consume their energy and pass the time.