​The pros and cons of dog clothes

25th Dec 2020

​The pros and cons of dog clothes

   Cold protection and heat preservation: In this case, it is necessary to dress the dog, which is related to its health. For example, Chihuahuas and Mini Dobermans are very small, very lean and low in fat content, as well as very young or old dogs. They are more afraid of the cold and have weak resistance. On days with low temperatures It is best to put on clothes when you go out, so as to reduce their chance of getting sick.

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   The need for cleaning: Dogs do not need to bathe often, but always bathing may cause their skin problems. So when the outside is dirty, putting on clothes can keep them clean for a long time and reduce the burden of dog owners.

Protect the body surface: Sometimes it is good to wear clothes when taking the dog out to play. For example, taking the dog to climb mountains in autumn and wearing clothes can prevent the dog from bringing back too many plant seeds and insects. Dog's hair.

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   Disadvantages of dog wearing clothes

  Causes skin diseases: Although there is no long-haired knotting problem for short-haired dogs, the friction of the fabric on the epidermis may cause skin diseases, allergies, itching, and peeling of the dog. And always wearing clothes makes us overlook some of the problems of the dog’s body surface.

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  Wrong clothes may restrict the dog's movement and scratch the skin.

   causes knots in long-haired dogs: Dogs who wear clothes often have more parts than those who don't wear clothes. For example, under the armpits, neck, and shoulder straps, because the clothes compress the hair very tightly, coupled with friction, it is easy to form hairballs. If you don't comb it carefully, it will quickly become a knot that is difficult to comb. .