​What kind of dog is not suitable for wearing dog clothes

14th Dec 2020

​What kind of dog is not suitable for wearing dog clothes

   Dog clothes can not only keep warm, but also enhance the overall image of the dog. However, it is not a good choice for some dogs to wear clothes. It is best for the owner to know what kind of dog to minimize the number of times or not to dress.

   1. Long-haired dog

   For long-haired puppies, you can wear clothes to prevent them from catching cold, but when they grow up, they have a lot of hair. At this time, there is not much need to wear dog clothes. Generally speaking, the indoor temperature is not too low, so there is no need to worry about them catching cold. And appropriate cold stimulation can help dogs grow better, and it is best not to be too spoiled, which will easily reduce the dog's resistance.

  After wearing clothes, long-haired dogs tend to get tangled in their coats and knots.

   2. Dogs with skin diseases

   For dogs suffering from skin diseases, be careful not to dress as much as possible. Dogs suffering from skin diseases should pay attention to ensure the dryness of the skin as much as possible, so that the skin can better contact the air. Some owners also shave their hair to help their condition improve. After putting on clothes, the air permeability is poor, and many owners do not pay attention to the cleaning of clothes, which makes it easier to infect the fragile skin with bacteria and cause skin diseases to become worse.

   3. Bad-tempered dogs

   Most dogs don’t like to wear clothes at first because they are not used to it. However, some bad-tempered dogs may chew on clothes, which can easily make them swallow thread or small parts on clothes. However, this type of situation can be improved through training, but at the beginning, the feeder should pay more attention.