​What to pay attention to when putting on socks for dogs

15th Mar 2021

​What to pay attention to when putting on socks for dogs

 Dog's supplies can indeed be described in a variety of ways. Shoes, clothes, hats, bibs, etc. can be said to have everything, and now we can often see socks for dogs. Now that these items are designed, it is impossible for them to be useless. There must be some usefulness. However, you must master the correct method of use and consider possible problems when using them.

We usually wear dog socks only when they are at home. This kind of dog socks is similar to the low-heeled socks we wear. There is a short section of elastic in the middle. When the dog wears socks , This stretch of elastic is hooped on the dog’s flank to prevent the socks from slipping down. In addition, there are glue particles on the back of the socks, which can also play a certain anti-skid effect, preventing the dog's legs from being unevenly stressed or being too slippery to the dog's feet.

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   Under what circumstances do dogs wear socks: Under normal circumstances, dogs don’t need to wear socks at all, because this is an unnecessary act. However, in some special cases, it is still useful to wear this kind of socks for the dog, such as the dog’s feet itching because of certain problems: the dog will mostly scratch and bite when it is itchy. And many times you don’t know the severity, especially if your dog’s feet suffer from skin diseases. In order to relieve the discomfort, the dog’s biting is even more “spare”. At this time, socks can also play a protective role to a certain extent. The second is the need to add a layer of protection to the dog’s feet: in winter, for example, when it snowed a few days ago, salt was sprinkled on the snow. If you don’t want to walk the dog back to wash its feet, you can Put it on socks before going out.

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   But just like putting on shoes for a dog for the first time, after putting on socks for the first time, dogs may have some influence on their actions. Some dogs don’t even know how to walk. Don’t be too anxious at this time. Give them some time to adapt. Try to guide them to take two steps. After a period of familiarization, the dogs’ actions will be slow. The ground returned to normal.

   There is another problem that should be paid special attention to. As the use time of socks increases, the elasticity of the rubber band will gradually weaken, which means that the socks will gradually increase. In order to solve this problem, some owners usually use rubber bands to temporarily fix the socks. However, when dogs wear socks, it is difficult for us to guarantee that they will not go back and bite the socks, and there is a high possibility that they will tear off the socks. But the sock is torn off, but the rubber band is still tied to the foot. Some owners may forget the stubble, and because of the cover of the coat, they can't find it at a glance. Over time, the dog will become inflamed due to congestion. I hope the owner can pay attention to this problem. Some owners will use their own socks or sleeve sleeves to replace the dog's socks, also need to pay attention to this issue.

  The last thing is to ensure that the socks are always on the dog’s feet. Don’t let the dog bite the socks casually. Once the socks are removed, accidental ingestion is also very dangerous. These problems need to be paid attention to by the owner.