Orange Devin Cat Clothes Sphinx Hairless Cat Summer Cotton Thin Vest
Orange Devin Cat Clothes Sphinx Hairless Cat Summer Cotton Thin Vest
Orange Devin Cat Clothes Sphinx Hairless Cat Summer Cotton Thin Vest
Orange Devin Cat Clothes Sphinx Hairless Cat Summer Cotton Thin Vest

Orange Devin Cat Clothes Sphinx Hairless Cat Summer Cotton Thin Vest


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Our products choose all kinds of high-quality soft fabrics to make basic styles of clothes. According to the production process of the fabric, the elasticity of each fabric is different, so the size is slightly different. The pure cotton fabric is soft and comfortable, with good air permeability and strong skin-friendly feeling.
Because of the Devon Rex, the Cornish Rex cats have very short hair, while the Sphinx hairless cats are completely hairless. These cats are very afraid of the cold and need to wear clothes all year round. The fabrics selected for cat clothes in our shop are almost all cotton, which is soft and comfortable inside, does not rub the skin, does not fade, is washable, and does not change shape.
When purchasing materials, we have carefully screened and compared them. Because the shop owner himself prefers high-quality things, he is also very particular about the food, clothing, housing and transportation of his pets, and he does not think that cats’ clothes only need to look good. Please believe that you get what you pay for.


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My cat had abdominal hernia surgery and we knew that the traditional “cone of shame” would not work with him. This recovery suit was a life saver! The vet put it on post surgery for us. Snaps on top for abdominal surgery. The fabric is breathable and flexible but sturdy enough to hold the surgical area firmly and not allow him to get at sutures. It actually seemed to be sort of calming as well. We are going to use it for thunder storms to see if it helps. I bought two so when we checked incisions we could switch it and wash them. They dry quickly.Using the littler box was no problem at all. The suit stayed clean and dry. No problems with eating or drinking either.★★★★★★★★★By Patricia Spychala
I really like these as an alternative to the cone of shame post-spay. The material is soft, there is room in the back for my female cats to use the bathroom while keeping the material clean. Sizing recommendation: my kittens are almost 6 months and almost 7 months. The size small is too small for both of them, especially the older one. They need at least a medium and if you have a kitten that age on the larger size, I’d try a large.★★★★★★★★★By Yeti852
I rated this 5 stars because it was very good for the price I paid. It's not made for longterm use, and certain areas started to fray (from licking), but it did the trick. My kitten got spayed and then developed a wound infection and slight dehiscence. She felt better after antibiotics, but I still needed her to be calm while the wound finished healing. It took her some time to get used to the suit (initially she would just flop around), and eventually she walked just fine, but it kept her from jumping which is what I wanted. The suit has a draw string that can tighten the area around the neck/chest. I didn't think it would be needed but somehow when I didn't tighten it she slipped out of the suit. This did not replace the cone for her because without the cone she could still lick and bite at the area through the suit, so I used this in combination with the cone. Even though cats protest and know how to look pathetic and make you feel sorry for them, they really can get used to wearing both!★★★★★★★★★By Jill

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