Waterproof Pet Boots Dog Boots for Various Size Dogs Labrador Husky Paw Protectors Shoes 4 Pcs

Waterproof Pet Boots Dog Boots for Various Size Dogs Labrador Husky Paw Protectors Shoes 4 Pcs


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  • NOT WATERPROOF BASICALLY-Both boot soles and upper fabric are NOT waterproof,It's for protecting your sofa and car seat from scratching, Not for physical activity for terrificlly active dogs.
  • Very easy to put on and take off. Your dogs will get used to this in minutes with some practices. Elastic band fastening-flexible,Very soft and comfy inside.
  • Breathable Nylon -durable and light-This boot is designed for puppy or small breed like Yorkshire, chiwawa, poodle,Bichon Frise and schnauzer,it's perfect for indoor use.
  • Perfect Paw-tection-hot pavement ,snow, sandburr stickers and the chemicals we use to reduce sliding (salt,sand etc) can be harmful to your canine’s paws. May good for outside walks but not sport activities like hiking.
  • We have pet dog boots for those who are in search for the best dog shoes. These are the shoes in which we can easily see that it is an excellent example of the best product of the pet fashion industry. It is the industry that no longer back started, progressed a lot; there are different things which we are using, which is directly related to the pet fashion industry. Pet dog boots are one of the main creation of pet related industry. One of the purposes for which pet dog boots was made, is to fulfill the safety needs due to which it protects us from different harmful things, for example, it saves us from the heated pavement, snow, chemicals, and sandbur stickers, these different things is extremely harmful to our pets; therefore, pet dog boots keep us safe from all these harmful things. Different sizes were designed to wear different dogs; you can choose one of your required sizes; it can be used only for the small puppy of the different breed like Yarshire, Poodle, Bichon Frise, etc. Moreover, it is specially made for indoor activities, for example, different games in the yard. It is the product that is in heavy demand because of different facilitative features. For example, it is easy to use; you can easily wear and take off without facing any kind of difficulty. The beauty of the overall product is second to none, and it cannot be imagined. Due to the present level of beauty, this product is in high demand with different sizes.

Size----Paw length(inches)-------Width(inches)

M-----------4.5CM-------------------------3.7 CM

If your dog is between size , please choose the larger size. 

1.Soft linning : Pretect your puppy from heat ground,hardwood or cold weather,can wear in all seasonsr. 
2.Not easy to get wet 
3.Bungee pull ties: Fast and easy to put on and take off. 
4.Reflective material to prevent any car accidents 
5.Notes:The dog boot soles are NOT waterproof,It's for protecting your sofa and car seat from scratching,Not for physical activity for terrificlly active dogs. 

Material:Polyester & soft cotton 
Closure Style:Bungee 

4 X Indoor Dog Boots 

1.Please allow small size measuring deviation. 
2.The item color displayed in photos may be showing slightly different on your computer monitor since monitors are not calibrated same.
3.Please refer to the size chart and measure your dog paw correctly before you buy.

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