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Professional one-stop Petsserect pet theme website - www.petssercet.com
Since its launch in September 2008, the network has been providing one-stop service to the pet people with professional experience, thoughtful service and strong network advantages. With pet products business city, Boge service, pet encyclopedia, Boge forum, Boge wireless and many other platforms, a full range of information, exquisite pet service and beautiful goods are made in all directions, and the pet life is fully loved. Petsserect network has become a very fast and very user friendly pet website in China.


Pet products online shopping mall -- Petsserect Mall (www.petssercet.com)
On line in September 2008, domestic pet goods sales are very large in channel retailers and B2C pet food products sales platform; nearly 10000 kinds of goods are sold, including staple food, snacks, medicines, health care products, cleaning, bathing, accessories (including pet clothing, toys, tableware / traction, beauty and bath equipment, pet nest, etc.) With a considerate shopping guide and professional customer service team, we aim to provide the best quality online shopping experience for our favorite customers.


Petsserect service business platform -- Petsserect service (www.petssercet.com)
Petsserect service was founded in March 2014. It is a O2O pet life service platform launched by Petsserect. It has been popular with consumers since its establishment. Pet life provides one-stop service, covering pet bathing, modeling, foster care, sterilization, medical treatment, photography and many other fields. At present, it has covered more than 20 cities, including Jiang, Zhejiang, Shanghai, Beijing, Tianjin and Guangdong, and has gathered thousands of brand businesses such as Rui pin, Cui Di, Qian hang Xuan, Ruijin and pogoge. "Care for pets, reputation first" Bo service will continue to adhere to the "price, reputation, service" as the center of the development strategy, determined to maximize the service, integrity and consumer value maximization. Location search pet pet store information, easy to buy high-quality pet shop services, from the start of the services of Petsserect!