Q1: why is the price of the goods of the Petssercet low?

Petssercet has wide channels, good products and excellent service. It has always been adhering to the biggest discount to meet the needs of the majority of pet friends, so the price is lower than the general mall.

Q2: why is the price of each platform in Petssercet not uniform?

Each platform is independent, there are different marketing methods, the quality of the goods are very good, you can rest assured that the mall has a more detailed one to one service, you can choose the commercial platform for a long time purchase, convenient for you to accumulate members points.

Q3: why is there not anything I want in the mall?

If you find no goods you want, you can contact our online customer service and put forward valuable suggestions. We will consider the marketability of the goods, and then make the corresponding countermeasures. Of course, we can also help you recommend the goods sold in the mall and suitable for you.

Q4: how many a day is the group purchase of Petssercet? Time for a commodity group purchase?

The group bought five products a day, and each group bought a product for a month. If the number of group purchase commodities is over, the group buying will end automatically.

Q5: what about the date of the Petssercet ? When will the goods without goods arrive?

The goods sold in the mall are guaranteed to be over 6 months, special goods such as: import goods, if less than 6 months, will make a sign for parents to choose and buy. The arrival time of the goods of the goods is different according to the distribution of the goods, which can not be accurately estimated, but you can use the "arrival notice" function. Once the goods have the goods, we will inform you through SMS and so on.

Q6: if I just ordered the goods to depreciate, could you give me a compensation?

The price of goods in bogie mall varies with market price or factory control, and every day there will be changes in prices, prices or preferences. Therefore, please understand the price changes caused by this.

Q7: commodity packing problem?

Our goods are all packaged by a special person. The goods are in charge of our department before signing the goods. If the goods are damaged or other problems are found in the receipt of the goods, please call me directly to the post after service phone, and the customer service staff will help you to solve it.