Paw Wear Dog Booties

Paw Wear Dog Booties

The history of shoes is as old as the history of man. Every century have their latest shoes for their people. Dog foot appliances were not fancy those epic and earliest centuries of men. Shoes were a common way of knowing a class a man belongs to, even till day. The era of shoemaking for dogs could be traced down to 21st century. Do you know why your lovely pet is worldly accepted in the world as “friend”? Because they will never betray you, they love you and you know it. How will you pay for your lovely dog their sincerity?

Morning exercise is good for healthy living, I know you spent couples of minute running on that machine every day. Running is good to be precise, but how terrible with it feels to run 30 kilometers barefooted? The pain would be unbearable sooner. The comparison here is that you walk your pet all morning for the sake of exercise to improve their healthy living, which is good. But you are not realizing the damage that does to their pretty foot. Don’t be guilty about this! You just know the fact and we knew you want the best for your pet or who don’t want what is good for their ward? None. Apart from excruciating bruises, PetsSecret knows how a dirty foot could transfer unwanted germs into your abode. We can’t just let you take that risk! Our dog stitch shoes are specifically designed on three distinct perspectives.

Firstly to secure your dog's paws during harsh season or weather, so as to maintain their delicate pattern. A fact is that, as long as your dog keep rooting the street barefooted, then their paws are likely to become rough and before you know it, their paw’s natural color is gone! PetsSecret shoes are purely water repellent with standard sole. These shoes are 100% safe during any indoor or outdoor activities you are into. All sharp objects, delicate stone have no chances. Almost every standard sneakers come with a durable lace, our dog shoes got one too! These are designed to control the tightness and make your dog comfortable.

The second aspect is to eradicate any dirt your dog might have contacted outdoor. In a world where every germ could be lying waiting on the street, due to many improperly deposit of used can, dirty items and stagnant water flow somewhere full of lethal virus and bacteria. Your innocent adorable pet could step on this germs during their morning walk, which could lead deadly bacterial into your abode. We don’t this for your family, which is why our dog shoes are essential!

The final aspect of it is “the beautification.” Our standard Teddy dog shoes for winter, Snow boot, Green thick and Red, as well as others,  will render your adorable pet “Oh my god”! Our sole aim is to make your little pet look stunning and attractive like you. This can only be possible when you order them from PetsSecret. We are waiting for you!