Choosing Dog Bowl To The Face Breed

17th Nov 2020

Choosing Dog Bowl To The Face Breed

  Deep bowl for long-mouthed dogs

   If your dog is a breed with a pointed and long mouth, it is best to choose a deeper food for them. This matches their mouth shape, it won't spread the food all over the floor, and they will be very comfortable to eat.

  Narrow bowl for dogs with long ears

   If your dog is the kind of dog with "elephant ears", then a special "small-caliber, large-capacity" food utensil is perfect. The biggest feature of this kind of rice bowl is that the caliber is very narrow, which can only allow the dog's mouth to penetrate, and their ears are difficult to enter so that they will not stain their long hairy ears.

   shallow bowl for flat face dog

   If your dog has a flat face, it is best to choose very shallow food utensils so that they can eat easily. It is especially important to note that many flat-faced dogs are very easy to choke with food if they eat too fast. Therefore, it is best to raise their eating utensils to the same height as their jaws. This will allow them to lift their heads properly when eating so that they can swallow more smoothly.

   "Bearded" dog does not need a bowl

   Don’t get me wrong, I don’t mean eating, but drinking water. For dogs with big beards, when drinking water, no matter what bowl they use, they will get wet. After finally drying them, they became strands and strands. You took a lot of time to smooth their beards. So, within 5 minutes, they drank again and got wet again. Therefore, we recommend a special drinking fountain for dogs with relatively long hair. The structure of the drinking fountain is similar to a ball-point pen. When a dog uses his tongue to lick food, the water will flow out. When choosing a drinking fountain, pay special attention to quality issues. Although a good drinking fountain is expensive, it can let you get it right once and for all. There are two points to pay attention to when choosing. The first is to see that the drinking fountain is tight so that no water drips out. The second is to use your fingers to test whether the ball at the end of the drinking fountain is smooth and let the dog touch it gently. Can make water flow out.

So next time you find your dog has a dirty face after eating or drinking water, don’t blame it first, but first check whether the food bowl and drinking fountain we chose for the dog are suitable.