Do Sphinxs Need Clothes?

16th Oct 2022

Do Sphinxs Need Clothes?

For sphinx owners, the most brutal winter is coming. Many experts have predicted that this year will be a cold winter due to the La Niña phenomenon.

Such a low temperature is not a good thing for sphinx cats who are afraid of cold.

Many cat owners have prepared incubators for their cats to ensure they can comfortably spend winter. However, many ask whether to dress cats in winter and what clothes to wear.

If the room temperature in your home can be maintained at about 28 degrees, then the sphinx cat does not need to wear clothes. This kind of cat and human perception of temperature are similar; if you feel a little cold, you'd better put clothes on your cat. So, according to your body temperature, wear a single coat, a sweater, or a cotton coat. We recommend wearing soft baby cotton clothing as much as possible for a close-fitting dress. Sphynx cats have oily skin and get dirty quickly, so try to pass them some clothing.

Sphynx cats are terrified of cold because they are hairless. Be sure to keep warm when feeding. Dress your Sphinx appropriately. When the temperature of the living environment is low, the Sphinx will feel cold, and when the temperature is too low, it will freeze to death. Sphinx cats will tan if exposed to the sun for a long time. Therefore, we recommend that it is best to dress the Sphinx, whether it is winter or summer. Warm clothing in winter and sunscreen in summer.