Shop Giant Breed Dog Clothing By Fuction

3rd Nov 2022

Shop Giant Breed Dog Clothing By Fuction

Many large dog owners struggle with choosing the right outfit for their beloved dogs. Especially some owners who have special requirements for dog clothing. Because a tasteful pet owner will prepare a variety of gear for their pets, whether it's saliva wipes, dog food, dog beds, dog collars, or dog clothes, if you want your dog to live a high-quality life, you will need to spend a lot of money on it. In terms of clothing for large dogs, we have made a lot of series, including socks, collars, rain boots, raincoats, and functional joint protection clothing for large dogs. Now we will introduce our products to you according to the function of big dog clothes.

Gaint dog summer sun protection clothing

First of all, we will introduce to you summer sun protection clothing. Many people ask why we dress our dogs on a hot summer day. Doesn't this make dogs more repulsive? Summer is unbearable for long-haired animals, so why wear clothes? Summer UV rays are powerful for some dogs with skin problems in low latitudes and high altitudes. Therefore, sun protection clothing or shirts with sun protection functions are essential.

large dog sun protection shirt

Large dog autumn coat

Autumn dog clothes are unnecessary, so why do we put such clothes on dogs? That's for coolness and protection, of course. If you live in an area with lots of bushes or thorns, preparing some protective clothing for your dog is a good idea. The dress's fabric is preferably nylon, scratch-resistant material with a perfect protective effect. Then dogs don't have to worry about hurting their skin when they travel through the woods or in sharp places.

dog hoodies

Large dog joint protection clothing

For some older large dogs, more or less, they will have some joint problems. Then in late autumn or early winter, it will feel very uncomfortable. Especially in humid and rainy areas, the issue of pet joint disease must not be ignored. However, we can think about it from another perspective. When the joints are cold in winter, it feels excruciating. So what a great gift for your dog is a stretchy, warm, and soft joint protection garment!

dog joint protection clothing

Big dog winter cold protection clothing

For some high-altitude winters. The temperature will reach minus 30 degrees, making it a very cold-resistant dog species. However, it is not easy to survive in this extreme weather. So we can see that some dogs are reluctant to go out in the severe cold of snow. We know that Alaskan Malamutes are much better off outside wearing some warm, wind and rain-proof winter coats.

dog raincoat