Devon Cat Clothes Sphinx Hairless Cat Cotton Thin Sweater Summer
Devon Cat Clothes Sphinx Hairless Cat Cotton Thin Sweater Summer
Devon Cat Clothes Sphinx Hairless Cat Cotton Thin Sweater Summer
Devon Cat Clothes Sphinx Hairless Cat Cotton Thin Sweater Summer

Devon Cat Clothes Sphinx Hairless Cat Cotton Thin Sweater Summer


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Our products choose all kinds of high-quality soft fabrics to make basic styles of clothes. According to the production process of the fabric, the elasticity of each fabric is different, so the size is slightly different. The pure cotton fabric is soft and comfortable, with good air permeability and strong skin-friendly feeling.
Because of the Devon Rex, the Cornish Rex cats have very short hair, while the Sphinx hairless cats are completely hairless. These cats are very afraid of the cold and need to wear clothes all year round. The fabrics selected for cat clothes in our shop are almost all cotton, which is soft and comfortable inside, does not rub the skin, does not fade, is washable, and does not change shape.
When purchasing materials, we have carefully screened and compared them. Because the shop owner himself prefers high-quality things, he is also very particular about the food, clothing, housing and transportation of his pets, and he does not think that cats’ clothes only need to look good. Please believe that you get what you pay for.check.png

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Very very good alternative to an E-collar for feline abdominal procedures to recover with. Definitely helped to minimize stress during recovery. Fit nicely even though I misjudged and got a large when I should have gotten a medium. She was able to jump out of it a few times but it stayed on well for the full 14 days. This also made Fern feel like she couldn’t jump up which was an added bonus. The thickness is a bit thin in my opinion, still works fine but I would like something a little bit thicker just in case you have a cat that knows how to chew at fabric. Fern was still 100% able to use the bathroom with the onsie on.★★★★★★★★★By Laura
This suit is made of soft, stretchy material, and we got it on our cooperative cat without too much trouble. However, she won’t stand up and walk normally. It’s a size medium. She’s 9 months old, weighs 5 lbs, and is 13” from neck to end of back/start of tail. She’s skinny, so it’s a little big. I don’t think her limbs are restricted. Maybe she just doesn’t like it?! Her spay surgery is coming up, and I had hoped this would work as I can’t imagine she’s going to like the cone. We’ve tried it on her two different days for a few minutes at a time in hopes she’d get used to it, but she looks so miserable (and hasn’t even had surgery yet).**Update: seller has informed me, based on this photo, we did get the correct size. Apparently, our cat just doesn’t like wearing clothes. :-(★★★★★★★★★By Save4Fun
After the first day of him 'not liking' wearing this recovery suit. I gave it another shot the next day because he was miserable in the required cone. Once he got used to it, he became a pro and it helped him heal properly and keep his wound clean. I bought two of these since he had drainage for more than a couple of weeks so that I could put a fresh one on him every day. Whenever he layed in the sun I would post pictures saying he was in a 'bathing suit'. I highly recommend this to help keep the area clean and protected. Material is light so I waited until his staples came out because I'm a nervous mom but I think he would have been fine. He prefers no clothing but for this after surgery purpose this was the perfect answer instead of that dreaded cone.★★★★★★★★★By DKay

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