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Yellow Duck Pet Supplies Cats and Dogs Bells Collars Teddy Small Dogs Big Bells Cat Collars Leash


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It is made of soft PU leather, that have excellent abrasion resistant and tensile resistance. Therefore, it has a longer service life, but because it is leather, you need to avoid some behaviors harmful to the leather.

The bell is fixed on the collar by a lobster clasp, so you can decide whether you need to wear a bell according to your needs. After all, sometimes you may feel a little irritable. These jingling bells help you keep tabs on your curious cat's whereabouts while the shiny silver instantly elevates their look.With safety quick release buckle, it is easy to take on and off.Come with ringing bells, you hear where your pets are at all times.

Easy on and off. The buckle is very flexible, which greatly reduces the time you spend wearing a collar for your pet, especially for a more active pet. In addition, the firmness of the collar ensures a long service life.Metal D-Ring - There is a D-ring on the collar, which can be connected directly with a leash. It's very strong and doesn't leave the collar easily.
Size:S for Neck 20-28cm,L for Neck 28-35cm

More Information About Dog & Collar

Should I walk my pet dog with a collar or harness?

Have a harness.Harnesses are merely the safest, most protected, as well as most comfortable method to hook your pet dog up to his leash. A good harness will decrease drawing, increase your control over your puppy, and lower stress and anxiety on his neck as well as joints..
Why does my pet dog grumble when I take his harness off?

Roaring Out of Fear.A a lot more typical circumstance with respect to concern is where a recently adopted dog, or a rescue pet roars whenever their harness is being taken off. This could be due to their previous proprietor abusing them anytime their harness was taken off, which idea is still in the dog's mind.

Is a harness better for small dogs?

Vets and also trainers often advise harnesses for lap dogs, who can wound themselves stressing versus a collar. A harness lowers strain on your pet's neck by distributing pressure over a larger location of their body. Plus, they can be a lot more secure than collars, which some small dogs slide..

What age should you start chain training a puppy?

four to six weeks.As unexpected as it might seem, pups can begin finding out leash abilities at 4 to 6 weeks old. Pretty impressive, huh? It is best to start training a young puppy as soon as paw-sible since they resemble little sponges at this age and also are able to absorb greater than we might give them credit history for. Let's get into the training steps.

Is it poor to yank your pet?

If you understood pet actions you 'd realize that yanking on the chain has the contrary impact of what you want. It will certainly not instruct the dog to focus on you, which is very important if you desire obedience. It will not make the pet stop its actions completely, but just supply a temporary change.

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